Bing Maps Android SDK Released

InKnowledge started creating a Bing Maps Android SDK when version 7 of the Bing Maps AJAX control was released. Originally it was created to assist with the development of an Android version of their Taxi Fare Calculator. After some development they quickly realized the potential and decided to share this SDK with the world. As such have made this an open source CodePlex project:


This SDK is built using the version 7 of Bing Maps AJAX control. An Android WebView object was extended such that the map is embedded into it along with several Java based method calls for controlling the map. Touch controls have been added to support pinch to zoom and double tap to zoom. All the JavaScript has been wrapped with native Java calls making it easy for any Android developers to quickly use this control without having to know the JavaScript code. In addition to wrapping the AJAX control, libraries were created to make accessing the Bing Spatial Data Services and Bing Maps REST services easy. The following functionalities have been supported for these services:

Bing Spatial Data Service – Query API:

  • FindNearArea
  • FindByID
  • FindByProperty

Bing Maps REST Services:

  • Geocoding (Address and query searches)
  • Reverse Geocoding
  • Routing with support for all route options

To top it off all these libraries are inside of a base Android application that can be used either as a template or for reference on how to create your own Bing Maps Android application. In addition support for GeoRSS feeds has been added.

This SDK is still in its early stages and the follow are features that are on the roadmap:

  • Clustering.
  • Documentation of code, and articles on how to use the SDK to create an application.
  • Sample UI for Location Details view.
  • Support for localization.
  • UI controls for rotating Birdseye view.
  • GML support for GeoRSS feeds.

Initial tests have found that this SDK performs as fast, if not faster than the native Google maps application that is on Android devices. To see some of these features in action check out this video:

2 thoughts on “Bing Maps Android SDK Released

  1. Is there a way to have an embed map of bing using the bird’s eye view but zoomed out? The default zoom is too close and can’t really show the whole neighborhood.

    • The embedded maps use v6.3 of Bing Maps. Birdseye is only available at two zoom levels in that control. Try creating a simple map using v7. This will allow you to use Birdseye at a lot more zoom levels.

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