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  1. Well, I am pretty fed up with bing maps right now. Just upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8. Found this great feature, My radar, using Bing maps, I think. You make it so easy, Do you want to use your location? I check yes. So I get Rapid City, SD as my location. Only one problem, I am in MN. I guess programmers think I am too stupid to input my zipcode, like we used too, that would strain too many brain cells I guess. I have searched the web, they talk of dragging the icon, (just moves the map). They talk of turning locations on and off, (comes to the same place). I even tried to find the programming, which I assumed, would have the weather location saved, couldn’t find it. So after I had purchased the ad free version, went to tech support. They asked my what type of system I had. Sent it, never heard from them again. Told them Windows 8 64bit. intel i7 duo quad core, with 24 gb of pc3 sdram (i hope that should handle it). Yes frustrated, with bing maps right now. Oh, yes, no help section either, because i guess it is supposed to be so smart, you should have no questions,…. yea, right.

    • Hi there. First off to clear some things up. I suspect you are using the MyRadar app that’s available through the Windows Store: If this is the case it’s important to point out that it’s not a Microsoft app. This was created by another company who implemented Bing Maps. Bing Maps is fully capable of locating your location correctly and I don’t suspect your issue has anything to do with Bing Maps but with the how the MyRadar app works. Looking at the details on the download page I see there is a support link which provides the following email address that you can use to report such problems:

      Hope this resolves your issue and clears up and misconceptions you had about Bing Maps being the issue.

  2. Hello

    We have a question.
    We need to optimize the route calculation about the order optimization. Unfortunately there is no calculation like that. Perhaps you have an idea we how can implement this (c# or VB.NET)?

    Kindest regards
    Ralph Koerber

  3. Any plans for writing a book or creating a sample database for integrating Bing Maps V8 with Microsoft Access? I’d love to be able to integrate some PowerMaps like features using Bing in Access Dekstop Forms.

  4. Having trouble querying bing api by intersection yet the same address works on the bing website. For example: 3rd St & Center St, South Jamesport, NY 11970. On website this returns the exact intersection point but thru the API it returns the mid-point of ‘3rd St’. Any thoughts?

  5. Saw a post you made about how you created an app to date bing imagery, but I can’t seem to find it on your page. Any chance you could send a link to my email I will provide?

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