Ignite 2018: Azure Maps Web Control Update

The Azure Maps team just announced an update to the Web Map Control in this blog post.

Some of the key improvements added to this update include:

  • Developer focused API improvements – modernized the API interface to make it easier to understand and use.
  • New data source and layering model – separated data management from layer render thus providing improved performance.
  • Connect multiple layers to a data source – with the new data source and layering model we also unlocked the ability to render the same data in multiple layers with only a single copy of the data ever being created in memory.
  • New easy to manage Shape class – add a helper class to make it easier to bind changes to JSON map data and automatically reflective them in the data source and on the map.
  • Data-driven styling of layers – provides the ability to add business logic for styling right into properties of layers. This reduces the amount of code developers have to write, makes it a lot easier to create cool data visualizes that vary by properties on data, and improves performance as this logic runs at render time on the GPU.
  • Spatial math library – added a lightweight collection of common spatial math functions to save developers having to go looking for these.
  • Support for geospatially accurate circles – added support for geospatially accurate circles. Geospatially accurate circles scale as the map zoom level changes so as to maintain the physical area they cover on the globe.
  • Backwards compatibility – with all these changes we also spent a lot of time ensuring backwards compatibility.
  • Many new code samples – we added many new code samples to our open source code sample gallery that highlight these new features.

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