Fix: IE11 Mouse events in Bing Maps V7

The Bing Maps V7 map control has a small issue with IE11. The mouse events for polygons, polylines, and custom HTML pushpins do not seem to work. Looking into this I noticed that the SVG image being created to represent the shapes is inheriting the pointer-event CSS style information from it’s parent. In this case the value is none. It seems that this issue only occurs when adding shapes to an entity collection. Luckily all the SVG shapes have a unique CSS class on them which we can use to fix this issue. Similarly customer HTML pushpins, including those in the Canvas pushpins module, have the same issue and similar solution. To fix this simply add the following CSS Style to your page.

.MicrosoftMapDrawing, .MapPushpinBase{
pointer-events: auto !important;

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