Case Study: “Aureus” a planning and placement tool using Bing Maps

Kinetic is an out-of-home media planning and buying agency with 38 offices worldwide, including one in London in the United Kingdom (U.K.). Out of home is the industry term for outdoor advertising, a market worth billions. Formats for outdoor advertising include billboards and street furniture—and in many cases their location is a crucial factor when planning a media placement campaign. By placing advertisements in locations relevant to a brand’s targeted audience, Kinetic ensures that they’re seen by the right people at the right time—and as often as possible.

Kinetic wanted to enhance its media planning platform by upgrading its mapping technology. The outdoor media agency chose Bing Maps for its flexibility, breadth of coverage, and user-friendly visualization tools. The firm’s media planning tool Aureus incorporates Bing Maps, allowing Kinetic planners to show clients the relevance of their media placements across thousands of locations in minutes. The technology is supporting the agency’s client services.

Gareth Burkhill-Howarth, Global Head of Projects, Kinetic, says: “Data is a key part of our solution and this meant we wanted to go with Bing from the outset. Kinetic has access to a plethora of geo-demographic, consumer, and census data sets that we wanted to integrate with Aureus—and we found Bing gave us more security and autonomy over this information. We were concerned about data ownership with other mapping providers, such as Google. We were confident that by using Bing, Microsoft would provide us with great services, maps, and support.”

Integration of Bing Maps with the agency’s other Microsoft and third-party software is crucial to delivering this unique service. “For example, we might upload a list of master stores to Microsoft SharePoint, providing details of all stores and current media placements within a six-mile radius. This information can then be incorporated into the Bing Heat Map Creator to provide a visual display that’s easy for our clients to interpret,” says Burkhill-Howarth.


Bing Maps provides Kinetic with scalable, integrated mapping functionality that supports its reputation as a leader in out-of-home media planning. “Bing Maps gives us a real competitive edge. Rather than show clients pins on a map, they understand that the sites we select for their campaigns are successfully reaching their target audience,” says Burkhill-Howarth.

Read the full case study here:

Technical Features

This great application has a number of great features including the ability to draw on the map and create heat maps. If you are interested in adding some of these functionalities to your Bing Maps application then take a look at these modules for the Bing Maps V7 AJAX control:

You can also find several other useful modules at

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