Three New Bing Maps V7 Modules

In September of 2011 we started the Bing Maps v7 Module CodePlex Project. The purpose of this project is to create a single place where developers can find and share useful modules that expand the functionality of the Bing Maps V7 API. Currently, there have been 12 modules submitted to the project. With a number of new modules in development, it’s safe to say that this project is definitely worth looking into. Today I would like to highlight the three newest modules added to this project.

Drag Handle Module

Download here

This module was created by Mike Garza, a regular Bing Maps community contributor.

This module makes it easy to edit shapes by adding handles to drag the vertices of the shapes to update their values. This is great if you want to give your users a predefined shape on the map and the ability for them to edit it as they see fit. I’ve seen this functionality used a lot for search type applications when wanting to give the user the ability to select the area they want to search it, even if that area is a complex looking polygon.


Shape Toolbox Module

Download here

This module was also created by Mike.

The Shape Toolbox module makes it easy to draw shapes on the map using the mouse. In addition to being able to draw Pushpins, Polylines, and Polygons on the map he has also added in support for Circles and Rectangles. The module includes a toolbar that you can turn on or off to expose the drawing tools to your users. In addition, not only can you draw the shapes on the map, but afterwards you can click on a shape and edit it too. Again, this is something that is great for search type applications when you want to give your users the ability to draw a search area on the map. I can see this being used in a number of other types of applications as well. This is bound to be a popular module.


Persistence Module

Download here

This module was created by John O’Brien from SoulSolutions, a Bing Maps partner in Australia. John is also a Microsoft Bing Maps MVP.

This module allows you to provide your users with a URL they can share that will return the map to the exact location and map style they currently see. Optionally this can also be automatically saved so the next time the user visits they can continue exactly where they last were. This makes it easy to bookmark and share your maps with others.

Having tested this module out myself I have to say that it’s one of those things you didn’t realize you needed it until you had it. This module makes a great addition to almost any type of Bing Maps application. I highly recommend checking it out.



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