January/February Bing Maps Events

Event Name: Location Intelligence for Enterprise Europe
Date: January 16 – 17, 2012
Location: Regents Park Marriott, London, UK
Presentation Title: Enhancing Location Intelligence Through Visualization Techniques
Presented By: Vikas Arora, EMEA Solutions Specialist, Microsoft
Learn how to take your business forward by analyzing the latest trends and innovations in User Interfaces
• Mapping for Enterprise: Understand the powerful role of maps in the visualization aspect of Location Intelligence
• Maps as a Spatial Canvas: collect, search, explore, integrate and share information through layers of a map
• Get expert solutions for performance considerations in open-layer based web mapping

Event Name: MS Techdays 2012 – France
Date: February 7 – 9, 2012
Location: Paris, France
Presentation Title: Open Data Ready ! Libérez vos données avec OData et le Cloud
Presented By: Sebastien Brasseur & Philippe Beraud
The phenomenon of the explosion of open data (Open Data) is growing exponentially at the level of public actors with the worries of decompartmentalization, legibility and transparency of public action. In this context, the kits of startup/accelerators under free license OGDI (Open Government Data Initiative) and ODAF (Open Data Application Framework) allow public players accelerate their project of publication of open data, to publish, through a data CA service, the public of their choice information, more quickly and efficiently via Windows Azure, to make them navigable and searchable by citizens and applicationsto make available, in this dynamic, rich Web and applications smartphone with social interactions, and all this at a lower cost of implementation, operation and use. This session is on the Open Data movement at the base of economic and social innovations in the reuse of the data thus released, OGDI and ODAF startup kits in the Windows Azure Cloud and new scenarios made possible with the opening uses data.


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