Bing Maps Excel Addin

Excel is one of the most widely used applications for managing data on the market today. It is said that 80% of of business data has some sort of GIS relevance. In the past, if you wanted to visualize this data you would have to upload your Excel data somewhere and then build out an application that can tie into it an load the data on the map. This can be a lot of work and for the every day business user a huge challenge.

MapCite, has created a Bing Maps addin for Excel called MAPCITE Excel Addin that makes it easy to visualize your excel data on a map. But they didn’t stop there, they adding in additional features such as:

  • MapCite for Excel®™ integrates fully as a toolbar icon in Excel®™
  • Select single or multiples worksheets to visualize on your map
  • View data as icons or clusters
  • Heatmap your data visualizations, with variable intensity and size
  • Geocode your data on the fly within Excel®™
  • Customize your icons
  • View multiple datasets in a single view
  • Draw around pins and extract data into a separate worksheet
  • Compare extracts from varying geo locations
  • View map visualizations next to charting visuals
  • Upload direct to Business Intelligence toolkits

But don’t take my word for it, check out this video:

Get your free trial here and give it a try today.

Don’t have any data to map out, why not connect to a data set in the Azure Data Marketplace and tie that into Excel using the Azure Marketplace Addin for Excel?

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