Bing Maps WPF Control

That’s right, there is a Bing Maps WPF control available now. This was just recently announced . This control is currently in beta but already a lot of buzz is floating around about it. The current control is pretty basic in terms of functionality but this was by design. There is no default pushpin style as almost always people want to use a custom one anyways. Instead development has been focused on usability. This control has been developed to work on Microsoft Surface V2. With the touch commands already wired up for you. This comes at a great time with the 3D control being retired in December developers now have a platform to migrate their applications to. This control will also be a lot easier to develop against than the 3D control as it’s WPF and not Active-X. The maps are in 2D but that said it is possible to generate 3D models in WPF and it’s only a matter of time before someone writes an article on how to do this. Already there has been some great examples of 3D models and Silverlight.

The official announcement can be found here:

3 thoughts on “Bing Maps WPF Control

  1. Hello
    I’m using bing maps for wpf.
    One of the features implemented, is to add points and from them, create a polygon.
    How would it be possible to move these vertices, so that can stretch the polygon?


    • Keep track of the order in which the points are added to the map. This can be easily done by storing them in an array or list. As the user drags the pushpin update the coordinates accordingly. You will likely need to use mouse events to add support for dragging the pin. Use the list of points to generate the polygon.

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