Bing Maps Taxi Fare Calculator


I recently created a Taxi Fare Calculator for the Bing Maps App API as an entry into the King of Bing Maps competition. The app was deployed last Friday. Today Chris Pendleton from the Bing team at Microsoft made an announcement about all the entries for the competition. This lead to a bunch of people checking it out and blogging, tweeting and facebooking about my taxi fare calculator. It’s been a bit overwhelming. I found about 47 unique blogs about it, many of which were re-blogged all over the place, and saw that there has been close to 5000 tweets in two days which is awesome (social media at work). I’ll have to read all the comments people made so I can make improvements. There’s even two news video that mentions it TMCNET and Channel9. It was also mentioned in a Podcast.

I actually made two entries for this contest. The second one is called “Ricky’s Data Viewer”. The funny thing is I spent over a month making the data viewer and only about three days on the taxi fare calculator (mainly because I ran out of time). I made the data viewer mainly for the people who development with Bing maps or who work geospatial data so that they would have an easy way to see the data on Bing maps without having to build anything first. One idea to take this app to the next level would be to create a web service that stored the data, similarly to what is done in the AJAX site where users can create layers and share them.

Planned Features

I don’t plan to let this thing fall to the wayside after the competition, I think this is something that could be really useful and will only get better and more accurate with time. I have a bunch more things I’d like to add and change to the calculator but will have to wait until the competition is over before updating it. One feature I’m thinking about adding is the ability to provide information for local taxi companies based on where a user searched. Depending on the information I can get from companies I may be able to do this based on specific areas of cities so that a company that might service the west  side of a city only shows up when the user starts their journey there. There’s also plans for a mobile version.

I’m also planning to work with the UI a bit more to make things function like the rest of the Bing tools so that its more inline with the default functionality; things such as draggable end points, and maybe support for multiple locations (although the waiting time would be a bit off likely). I’m also looking into adding in tip information.

Currently I’m using a constant multiplier for calculating waiting time based on past experience. This was done due to time constraints and because traffic information isn’t available everywhere. I plan to modify this so that in areas were traffic data is available the current traffic information will be used to determine the fare.

If your city isn’t listed at the moment or you have any suggestions send me a message using the “Send a Private message” link on the left or by clicking here. If possible include a link to were the rates might be posted or to a local cab/taxi company so I can reach out to them for more information. Also, any information about what the common tip is in your region would also be good information.

Some posts about the Competition and my Taxi fare calculator

2 thoughts on “Bing Maps Taxi Fare Calculator

  1. Hello Ricky,

    I am one of your big fan and just love your apps and blog. I am currently working on Bing Maps/ Silverlight control application and wanted some advice from you. I am developing an application where I can put a pin onto the map and when someone clicks on the pin it will take it into the silverlight application showing 3D aerial customized photos of the location using cubic images or equirectangular images. I am not sure how should I approach this particular problem as I am required to complete this application very soon and have no clue how to go about doing it. Would you be able to put any insight?

    Thanks for reading,

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