King of Bing Maps submissions

The deadline for the King of Bing Maps competition has come and all the submissions are available now on the site. If you find any of these apps interesting or useful rate them by clicking on the “MAP APPS” button and finding the app your want to rate and select the number of stars you want to give it.

I made two submissions:

Taxi Fare Calculator

This application allows you to calculate approximate taxi fares for 46 cities around the world. Simply select the city you will be traveling in and enter your start and end street addresses and let the app do the rest. It will give you a break down of the costs including a wait time which is an estimate of how long your taxi will be sitting in traffic during your route. Check this app out here:

Ricky’s Data Viewer

I built this application using a toolkit that I have been working in my spare time. This application allows you to visualize data various types of spatial data on the map. You can upload local copies of Shapefiles and GeoRSS files directly to the map, and also render well known text. Besides loading local copies I’ve also provided a bunch of sample files for viewing. This tool makes it easy to see what your data will look like in Bing Maps before you build out an application to do it. Take well known text from SQL2008 and see it instantly on a Bing map. You can check out this application here:

Some of the other applications that were recently added are as follows:


This application displays a heat map of sales tax rates throughout the USA:

Random Location

This application is a good example of how simple an application can be yet still be interesting. Basically it gives you a button and it places a pushpin in a random location on the map.

World of Football

This application says that it’s a live results service displaying score lines from around the world.


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