Bird’s eye Routes

It was recently brought to my attention that routes are not supported in the Bird’s eye map view. Some how this slipped by me as I swear I’ve seen it working before. After some thought I suspect that this has to do with possible accuracy issues. A few releases ago a new map method was introduced called VEMap.SetShapeAccuracy ( This method only increases the accuracy of pushpin’s. Currently if you draw a route and try an view it in the bird’s eye map view you will find that there is no route line drawn only segment markers. One way to correct this issue is to retrieve the route geometry (requires a client token) and draw a polyline in place of the route line. Using this method will not increase the accuracy but will allow you to see a route line. In my tests I haven’t noticed any real accuracy issues using this method. Complete source code that demonstrates this method can be found here:

Here is a screen shot of a bird’s map with a route drawn on it using this method:



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