Angle between two connected polylines


Often it will be useful to know the angle between to polylines. By using the connecting point as our origin and calculating the bearings of the two polylines we can calculate the difference in the bearings to find out the angle between the polylines. There are two angles that we can calculate, the inner angle and the outer angle. The inner angle is less than 180˚.


Figure 1 Angle between polylines

We can calculate the angle using the following formula:



A line segment consists to two end points. Since we have two line segments that are connected we have three points. Since there are two possible angles that can be calculated we will make the function so that the type of angle to be returned can be specified. The two angle types that can be used in this function is “inner” and “outer”. This function will return a number between 0 and 360 which will be the angle between the two polylines.

function angleBetweenPoints(latlongA,latlongB,latlongC,angleType)
var headingBA = calculateBearing(latlongB,latlongA);
var headingBC = calculateBearing(latlongB,latlongC);

return angleBetweenHeadings(headingBA,headingBC,angleType);

Listing 1 Calculate angle between three points

We’ve broken the function to calculate the angle between three points up into two parts. By doing this we increase the usability of our code. This second function allows us to calculate the angle between two headings. This function will take in two headings between 0 and 360 degrees and will take in the type of angle that should be returned. A number representing the angle in degrees will be returned,

function angleBetweenHeadings(headingBA,headingBC,angleType)
var angle = ((headingBA-headingBC)+360)%360;

return 360-angle;
else return angle;

return 360-angle;
else return angle;

Listing 2 Angle between two headings

Information on the calculateBearing method can be found here:!E7DBA9A4BFD458C5!393.entry


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