KML to GeoRSS Translator

When version 6.0 of Virtual Earth was released it was
announced that KML file types were supported. Unfortunately, it there were some
delays and support was not added until after the release. It just happened that
I needed to load some KML data into a Virtual Earth map so I threw together
this program that translates KML files to GeoRSS. When KML support was added there
were the following limitations:

  • Maximum of 200 place markers

  • Network links go only one level

  • Icon, StyleUrl, IconStyle,LineStyle, and
    PolygonStyle are unsupported

By translating your KML files to GeoRSS format you gain the
ability to add upwards of 10,000 points, and ability to follow network links to
through all levels. This translator is setup to handle the following KML

  • Placemark
  • Name

  • Description

  • Point

  • Polygon (Only the outerBoundary)

  • LineString

  • MultiGeometry (Splits geometry up into
    individual shapes)

  • Style

  • StyleURL

  • IconStyle

  • NetworkLink (Note: this program will follow nested
    network links through all levels which could potentially result in an endless

This program has the ability to either translate an
individual KML or a go through a directory and translate all KML files within
the directory.

You can download the complete source code

4 thoughts on “KML to GeoRSS Translator

    • This is a really old code sample/blog. I wrote the code for this 8 years ago. KML has since gone through many version changes. I recommend taking a look at this toolkit I created which has a much more up to data tool for reading KML files and also has the ability to export to several different formats including GeoRSS. All that said, why do you need to convert it, you can use KML files with Bing Maps. The toolkit has sample for this. You can find the toolkit here:

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